Participation in the Goethe Institute Series on The Reformation in the contemporary world

Ana Ruiz (Wor(l)ds Lab) in an event at the Goethe Institute on the Reformation in the contemporay world
© Jan Nogal

Ana Ruiz (Wor(l)ds Lab) has taken part in the events organized by Goethe Institute for the 500 anniversary of the Reformation: “Gegenwarten Reformieren” (The Contemporary Reformation). This anniversary has involved different trendsetters and thought leaders, who have shared their personal experiences and ideas of change and innovation. The key question was: “What are the potentials and necessities for present and future-oriented Reformations?”.

Ana Ruiz answered this question as follows:

I understand the Reformation in a broad sense, already present since the 12th century. I understand it as a profoundly European process, whose heirs are all current Europeans (we like or not). Beyond a critical analysis of the Reformation, which can be haunting and enriching, I am interested in their protagonists, who can be considered as social innovators: educated individuals, geographically scattered, searching for truth, multilingual, working in networks, certainly challenging each other in the effort no only to understand the divine, but also the human nature.

The full text has been published in the Goethe Institute’s webpage.