Funded Projects

Discourse & Digital Communication

Intercultural Society

  • How does creativity work when authors deal with different languages/cultural memories? How do these differences intertwine in texts?
  • Does a “intercultural poetics” exist? Does it make sense to work with a corpus of texts from intercultural authors with different background?
  • Ethical and aesthetic keys learned studying intercultural art

Civil Society Empowerment

  • Preventing radicalization: towards resilient societies
    • Network: Pacto de Convivencia. PdC is a civic initiative that brings together representatives of the Spanish society (professionals, universities, NGOs, religions) working on tolerance and respect of the Human Rights.
    • Network: EU RAN. The Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) brings together practitioners from around Europe working on the prevention of radicalization.
    • Collaboration: Efecto Lázaro. EL is an artivist group devoted to have a society resilient to violence and intolerant groups.