New Publication: “Palabras invasoras. El español de las nuevas tecnologías”

Palabras Invasoras. El español de las nuevas tecnologías.

Manuel Alcántara-Plá, member of Wor(l)ds Lab, has published a new book on how the study of neologisms can help us to understand our behavior using new technologies. The title is Palabras invasoras. El español de las nuevas tecnologías (Invading Words. The Spanish of the New Technologies).

While most of critical studies devoted to neologisms focus on where they come from/which form they have, Alcántara-Plá invites us to look at the meanings they convey. As he points out, meaning is what changes our lives and what influences our way of thinking. The most important invasion with technological vocabulary is not a linguistic, but a cultural one. This book explains why in a clear and accurate way using many examples from our everyday Spanish.