New Publication: “Not for Twitter: Migration as a Silenced Topic in the 2015 Spanish General Election”

A new Wor(l)ds Lab study has been published as a chapter in the book Exploring Silence and Absence in Discourse : Empirical Approaches, edited by Charlotte Taylor and Melani Schröter. The book “fills a significant gap in the field by addressing the topic of absence in discourse”. The title of our work is Not for Twitter: […]

A Mailing List of Corpus Linguistics in Spanish

In the last Conference on Corpus Linguistics for Spanish (CLICE 2018), co-organized by Wor(l)ds Lab’s member Manuel Alcántara-Plá, participants discussed the need to have a mailing list for researchers on Spanish and Corpus Linguistics. We committed ourselves to creating it and here it is. Our lab will be in charge of its management and we […]

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