Miguel Sáenz on Translation

Miguel Sáenz

We welcome Miguel Sáenz, one of the most prestigious Spanish translators, for a talk on his experiences translating literary works from German into Spanish. Sáenz is a member of the Real Academia Española, of the Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung, and he has received many prizes, including the Spanish National Prize for Translators.

Miguel Sáenz has worked as a translator for the United Nations and other relevant international institutions, and has translated into Spanish works by important Austrian and German authors such as Peter Handke, Thomas Bernhard, Bertolt Brecht, and Günter Grass.

The talk will take place on April 24 at 17:00 in the Salón de Actos of the Facultad de Profesorado (UAM).

A Mailing List of Corpus Linguistics in Spanish

Conference on Corpus Linguistics for Spanish (CLICE 2018)

Conference on Corpus Linguistics for Spanish (CLICE 2018)

In the last Conference on Corpus Linguistics for Spanish (CLICE 2018), co-organized by Wor(l)ds Lab’s member Manuel Alcántara-Plá, participants discussed the need to have a mailing list for researchers on Spanish and Corpus Linguistics. We committed ourselves to creating it and here it is. Our lab will be in charge of its management and we encourage all interested researchers/groups to subscribe and participate: Linguistica-corpus-espanol-l.